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Well, hello there. I'm here again today to bring you another great post on Halloween ideas. If you missed my last post, I will fill you in on why I am here. This is the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. I'm here to give Koree's readers a few tips for this Halloween. I will be gone once Halloween is over, I promise!

This post is great for you if you have little kiddos.

Tip 001: Candy Corn Popcorn/Candy Holder

1 sheet each (12-inch square) white, orange, & yellow cardstock
Double-stick tape
Fiskars “cloud” design decorative-edge scissors

Roll white cardstock into a cone; secure wrapped paper edge with double-stick tape. Trim the open edge of cone so the top rim is level.
Cut orange cardstock in half. Wrap a cardstock strip around top half of cone and attach to cone with double-stick tape. Trim orange cardstock at open edge of cone with Fiskars scissors to create a scalloped rim.
Cut yellow cardstock into thirds. Wrap a cardstock strip around middle cone and use the pencil to draw a line around the yellow cardstock on the cone as a guide for cutting the scalloped edge on the top of the yellow strip.
Cut the scalloped edge on the yellow strip just below the pencil line using the Fiskars. If necessary, trim the bottom edge of the strip using scissors so it appears as an even edge around the cone. Attach the yellow strip to the cone with double-stick tape.
Trim the long edges of a 1-inch wide strip of orange cardstock with the Fiskars to create the trim at the bottom edge of the yellow strip; attach to the cone with double-stick tape.
Fill the cone with popcorn and candy!

Tip 002: Spider Straw Slip-On

1 sheet each (8 1/2 x 11) black & yellow cardstock

Glue stick
Hole punch
Black fine tip marker
Scrap cardboard or cutting mat
Craft knife

Cut black cardstock into an oval that is at 1 1/2-inches by 2-inches. (Don’t worry about making a perfect shape. I think a misshapen spider is very cute!) 
Cut 8 (1/4-inch) thin by 3-inch long strips of black cardstock for the spider’s legs. Coil each strip around the toothpick to give it make it a spiral. Apply glue stick to the ends of the spider legs and attach them to the back of the spider; 4 on each side.
Punch a hole out of the yellow cardstock and cut the punched-out hole in half for the spider’s eyes. Apply each eye to the spider using glue stick. Draw the spider’s pupils on to the yellow eyes using the black mark.
Place the spider (right side up so you can see his eyes) on the scrap cardboard or cutting mat. An adult should use the craft knife to cut 2 (1-inch long) horizontal slits through the spider’s body below his eyes for the straw to slip through.
Insert the straw through the slits from the back of the spider position it near the top. Plop it into a Halloween drink as decoration!

Tip 003: Spooky Paper Cutouts

Cut a 5"W x 18"L strip from a 12"W x 18"L sheet of construction paper. Measure in three inches from one of the five-inch ends and mark. From there, measure and mark four more times.
Fold paper at the first mark. Then flip over and fold again at the next mark. Keep flipping and folding, making an accordion shape.
Print the template of your choice and cut as directed.
Center it atop the folded paper, and trace around the shape with a pencil.
Carefully cut out the shape, going through all the layers of folded paper, and unfold to reveal. To create a longer row, repeat steps and adhere garlands together with tacky glue.
tutorial found here

Tip 004: kido spider bracelet
This DIY is brought to you by Kellie over at on the brink of something beautiful. She has such a lovely blog, and has a lot of fall/halloween posts! Go check them out!

The following tutorial can be found here. All pictures are from Kellie's blog.

black construction paper
tape oe zots
white crayon
buttons (optional, for eyes)

get a black sheet of constructed and fold it in half

trace your kidos hand on one side

cut out hand outline

after you cut out the traced hand, you should be able to open it up and it look like this:

get a pen/pencil etc. and roll up each of the fingers (for a nice curl)

measure your kidos wrist and cut a black strip of construction paper the same length (this will be the bracelet part)

decorate the hand as a spider

velcro the bracelet part together (see above photo)
tape or use zots (or dots) to attach the decorated spider to the bracelet part

and now your kido has a creepy crawly accessory. :)

Thanks, Kellie, for the tutorial! Let me know if any of you decide to make these crafts, and how they turned out!

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